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Just now, doc holliday said:

According to some on Kerryfail (great for laughs)..lenny is now a 'pumpkin'......he's changing his name to the scarier Jack O' Lantern....woooooo

He’s also been referred to as a ‘carroting carrot’ 😂

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47 minutes ago, the goal machine said:

Whole thing was about to blow over as well if Lennon had just said someting like "We were stupid to go and I apologise to everyone for the issues the trip caused". But that would required a bit of thought and decency so it was obviously too much for that cretin.

They are their own worst enemies at this point and I fucking love it.

He was only asked about his isolation too not even the rights or wrongs of Dubai.🤣

That meltdown was coming regardless today.

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24 minutes ago, SteveEarle said:

Side question but is swearing banned on Kerryfail? I've noticed on the rare times I look on there it's 'eff' this and 'effing' that? Somebody even called Lemon a pumpkin:lol::lol:

Automatic filter:

shampoo = shite

pumpkin = prick

carrot = cunt

makes for a very entertaining read when they are raging, which they have been recently...a lot 😂

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The whole team is teetotal so shame on every cunt accusing them of having a jolly. I take it Neil Francis hasn’t been taking his medication. I hope they took the cunts belt and shoe laces off him after that meltdown.

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1 hour ago, GabrielTomato said:

Charles Patterson sounded like a wee boy there. What he should have said...

'How an earth could I tell you what someone else meant, if you have an issue with what Andy Walker has said maybe you should speak to him. Until then, can you answer my question?' 


Exactly instead of being a fanny and grandstanding. It's play ground mentality. 

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