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2 minutes ago, Rambo1872 said:

Not for me mate 😂 never say never n aw that but currently its no appeal for me.

At my age even if I fancied it, I’d be scared of a follow through...or an epiphany!!

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26 minutes ago, Badger said:

He won't be in the job by the weekend




Can't see it and can't see anyone wanting to come in now either, so it'll either be kennedy the brave or neic the unhinged

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I’d be surprised if he was their manager by the weekend. That isn’t an outburst that’s a concerted effort to nail and attack everyone and everything that’s went wrong for them the past 2 weeks, a week after his boss came out with an interview that totally contradicts what he said today. It’s fucking mental from that point of view. 

I’ll be gutted he’s away. I wanted to see his reaction on the TV during the game where we won the league and after. 

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20 minutes ago, DBBTB said:


Decent video but some of the plus points are bull.


If you can only "run and shoot and tackle" then it doesn't represent a game of football.

Tactical "aspects" can be trained indoors. Pretty sure Auchenhowie has indoor facilities. More daylight hours??? Turns the lights on.

Timezones: staying in the UK eliminates any possibility of jet lag.

The blood thickens in warm weather. no it doesn't. Well not necessarily. Blood thickens when the body is dehydrating. A well hydrated body in cold weather is the same as a well hydrated body in warm weather the only difference is the need to take on fluid. NOT "cold drinks" by the pool. 

Yes it takes less time to warm up but i can guarentee that the majority of clubs will still go throught he same warm up routine. Why? because it is routine.

Vitamin D: you can take supplements or get on the sun bed for that.

The longer sunshine increases the time avaliabel for training. However it also increses the chances of heat injury.

Physcological benefits: Clearly getting on the piss in Dubai is better than the UK.


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1 minute ago, esquire8 said:

Rumour is he went against what he was briefed by the club to say. Club didn't authorise what he said so haven't put anything on their official channels. 

If that’s true then surely he’s trying to work his ticket though not sure how he’d stand financially if the club deemed it to be gross misconduct.

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