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51 minutes ago, Siam69 said:

Some amount of disgusting pointscoring by the Declans going on about this ...

There's even bears getting involved too. 

Normally that would be the right thing to do but now this has been kicked right out of proportion. 

The guy was out of order that there is no doubt. There is even a Facebook page for Glasgow banter that somebody urged everybody to change their profile pic to Lego. Ffs. If anything maybe his sister but this is making Lego into some kind of clean cut guy. 

The tarrier acting the big shot with Novo singing he hoped he died in his sleep was equally as crass, no outrage their. 

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11 minutes ago, magic8ball said:

In what way. I'm middle of the road on this one. It shouldn't have been said but the outcry from some bears has only allowed the moral highground to the tarriers to grow out of proportion. Everybody knows they love an ambulance to chase. 

They are quite right to condemn it, there would be something wrong if right minded people didn’t.

I’d ask if the nutter would have been brave enough to have said this to his face, one on one, with no polis around

It was cheap and nasty, we need to be better than that if we want to take the moral high ground.

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55 minutes ago, The Sinner said:

A lot of Rangers fans have gone down in my estimations tonight. 


I know the juan guy routine is normally trotted out by them but, in this instance, there was only one guy who said it in the video. No one on here (or seen/ heard on the video) has given him a pat on the back for saying it. 

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1 hour ago, sRcFoCt said:

The outrage from the hypocrites across the city is only the same.

Songs about Fernando Ricksen = banter 

Laughing at 66 Rangers fans that lost there lives = banter

Chasing and squaring up to an ex Rangers player who just had a heart attack =banter

By no way means is it acceptable to bring scott brown's deceased sister into football but is it acceptable to do all of the above.

In a nutshell 

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1 hour ago, BridgeIsBlue said:

If any type of moral barrier ever existed between us and them it was shattered when they hung dolls of Rangers fans at the Chamber of Secrets. 

After that happened selik washed their hands of it because we broke toilets :lol:

They were lucky to have sinks left to wash their hands in!

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9 minutes ago, MartinGers93 said:

Something to lighten up the mood again! They really are pulling out the straws because we’ve signed Kent!


Try as they might to hide it, they are afraid of him.

Kent's showing he can cause havoc in these games and I think he's going to get even better. 

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