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15 hours ago, the cry was no said:

Good news troops, John Kennedy has cleared up any confusion. They're being victimised with a false narrative. It's not easy being victimised all the time you know.

The full article c&p'd with maybe a little added in bold.............. you really, really couldn't make this shit up



John Kennedy rails against 'false' celtic in Dubai narrative but assistant coach admits to 'slip ups'

The Premiership champions came under fire for jetting out to the Middle East in the midst of a pandemic.


Gabriel McKay

15:11, 9 JAN 2021

celtic assistant manager John Kennedy admits there have been "slip-ups" with coronavirus protocols but insists the narrative around the trip to Dubai is a false one. 

The Premiership champions jetted out to the Middle East following Saturday's defeat to Rangers, something they are permitted to do as elite athletes. 

However celtic came under fire for the optics of the situation, especially after images emerged of the squad in Dubai enjoying beers beside the pool. 

Kilmarnock were forced to forfeit a match after players sat too close together on the team bus and at a pre-match meal and, as Record Sport revealed, the Ayrshire club intend to use celtic's trip in their appeal. 

But Neil Lennon's assistant is adamant everything was above board, despite admitting there may have been slips.

Kennedy insisted: "You guys back here probably got a snapshot of one of two pictures that might kick around from local people or people who are on holiday.

"It paints a picture which is probably a bit false.

"The whole week we had a lot of work put into the trip itself, we had a lot of people who spent a lot of time and effort travelling out there before we arrived to make sure everything was ready for us.

"In terms of the protocols in Dubai the hotel worked very hard with us in terms of giving us our own areas, we had our own meeting places and pretty much left through our own entrances and exits, the only exceptions being when we didn't obviously.

"So at no point did we really have to go into the main part of the building we were kind of kept aside and that was just to try and follow the protocols. Well apart from the times we were in the bar area in a group that wasn't socially distancing or sitting round the pool drinking with other guests less than 2 metres away - but that's a false narrative. 

"Before we went there we took advice from the usual advisors, we made sure we were following all the protocols we had to. You might think that because we are only supposed to stay in a hotel if it is ESSENTIAL (even in Scotland) would mean travelling abroad to train when we have our own training facilities here would not be seen as ESSENTIAL, but that would be a false narrative too.

"That allowed us to train well.

"In terms of the facility itself, the training sessions we got out there, the work we got done - we couldn't have replicated it here. There's two reasons for this. Firstly there was NO winter break this year  and secondly the weather wasn't too good.

"We wanted to give ourselves the best opportunity for the second half of the season and it's always worked for us in the past so here's hoping that can be the same. So although there was NO winter break this year we decided to create one for ourselves and got our friends at the SPFL to ok it and they even moved a wee game to help. Some people might see this as preferential treatment and an unfair advantage but, guess what, thats just another false narrative"

It was then put to Kennedy that some of the photos appeared to show the squad not obeying the two metre distancing rule.

He replied: "Listen, there have been slip-ups. Minor things which if you get a snapshot you can criticise and jump on it. Just because several players and officials were less than 2m apart might make it seem as if they've not followed the protocols but that would also be a false narrative - just don't ask me to explain why lol

"We, as much as we possibly can, speak to the players in terms of the protocols they must adhere to because everyone wants football to continue.

"We want to abide by all the rules and if there's any error in that we try to eradicate it or fix it and that's what we did.

"The picture maybe paints a bleak picture but we've got to move on from that. Move along guys, there's nothing to see here

"The government and the SFA have said there's not really a case to answer, we've submitted what we need to and they're content with that. Well the government are still a bit concerned and that wee tit Jason is still banging on about it but we told the SFA to tell them to piss off and they did so it's all good, so to speak

"So we just have to concentrate on moving forward now.

"There's been contact asking the question when we were over there but we've submitted what we did every day, the protocols we put in place while we were there to mitigate any sort of risk and they seem quite content with that. Except maybe the times where we breached the protocols but we've told them that's fuck all to do with them - it's just a false narrative and there's nothing to worry about.

celtic returned to Scotland on Friday and are now awaiting the results of their tests ahead of Monday's Hibs game.

"We were tested on arrival last night, there's usually a 24 hour turnaround time for that so we should recieve that in the next day or so. They'll all be negative because we do our own testing and the only time we've had any positive tests has been when someone else, like a national team, have tested our players. So again a kind of false narrative  

But Kennedy insists whatever risks there may have been will be outweighed by the rewards.

He said: "From our perspective in terms of the football side it was a really good trip.

"We got a lot of work done which would have been difficult here considering the weather and the circumstances we've got here, like NO winter break

"Really good weather, really good sessions, and hopefully that sets us up well for the remainder of the season.

"We made the decision two months ago, we looked into the options in terms of was it an option to get away?

"At that time things were looking better, there was light at the end of the tunnel.

"We were talking about bringing fans back to the stadiums and everything else, so at that time we sat down and spoke about it.

"We went through all the right channels with the government, with the Joint Response Group, and made the decision back then to ignore the fact that there was NO winter break and crack on regardless

I hope :boydie:and others calling them out on this 

can get some clarification of what is meant by 'pretty much' and 'Kind of' 

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He is taking those bastards to task. This is new levels and they deserve everything that's coming to them. Here's just a short piece of the article he has written in the sun:   'ARROGANCE' 

Just love Kris Boyd directness and obvious joy on TV covering our games.     Expect as it gets worse for them ,the full on victim status mode being fully ratchetted up. Lennon  would be

I hope we can lift this title for the big man's brother. What they bastards put boyd through just after his death was fuckin disgusting and should never be forgotten. 

Posted Images

Super Ally brought us so much joy over the years of his playing career that i cannot agree with the OP.

Any other Bear who was lucky enough to wtiness his outrageous winner against Hibs at the Piggery is just one example of many of his right to be regarded as a true Rangers Legend.

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4 hours ago, Heshootshescores said:

Breath of fresh air to finally have an ex Gers player with a pair of balls in the media. We have suffered pussies like Derek Ferguson, Billy Dodds and Gordon Smith before them menstruating their apologist views for way too long. 

I'd genuinely forgotten all about him.

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