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There it is, TWICE today he scored old school Alfie goals and on a hugely important day. Absolutely love Morelos and he is a huge huge player for us. I hope he is full of satisfaction and joy tonight

@16BlueSherbert90 F947BF50-0E55-43D4-BF50-5A278D897C29.MP4.9cb9449b88bc98ea0b954e09e9dcd306.mp4

Vintage Morelos today 💙

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Just now, Marco said:

Great to see him back amongst the goals, but that's two games in a row where his threat's been so great that he's reduced the opposition to 10 men.

Aye won the penalty and made the guy foul for the red, good point

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Just now, BridgeIsBlue said:

Gets back on form the league will be wrapped up before March. 

That's it, when certain players go off the boil others find their form again. My faith in this is growing all the time with this squad 

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1 minute ago, 16BlueSherbert90 said:

Wonder what he said to camera after first goal :lol: 

Hope it was f*ck the sheep or something equally derogatory towards them....or We are the People :thumbsup:

I always want to know what he is saying. But that mystique is part of his appeal 😉

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