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Just now, The Godfather said:

It's going to be bigger than anything I've seen in my lifetime. 

It's something I honestly never thought would happen given the mountain we had to climb and the countless bias and taig corruption in Scottish football. 


I know what you mean mate but I never doubted we would get back to where we belong. It's taken con men, pedo sympathising rings, Scottish politics to get us on our knees. No other club in world football can compare to what we have done and are going to achieve. 

We have went about it the long way and the wrong way but we are on the way to where we belong. At the fucking top and I won't let anyone of they dirty bastards forget it. 

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I can't fucking wait to win the league for my own joy. But more than that I can't wait to win for the young fans who have only known failure. My kids have never seen us win anything, I can't wait to celebrate a league title win with them, and I'm sure its the same for maws and das up and down the country. The young bears deserve it for sticking with us through the tough times.

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I was 20 on that day, in Uni, watching it with my dad at my granda's. Those first 20 years were full of success and I was a right spoiled bastard when it came to football and expecting Rangers to win things.

Now my dad's gone and I'm turning 30 this year. Entire decade of life without a title. Let's not do that again Rangers!

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