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Doesn't matter if you test positive or not.  Players/manager at the poolside and in the bar clearly breaching the rules.  Cunts should be hammered, but they won't. 

Waiting on the SFA to act 

Given that Jones and Edmundson were given 7 game bans for breaching Covid protocols (having been identified as doing so by the club), surely the tarrier players who are known and shown to have breache

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3 hours ago, Robmc1 said:

I’d like to think that behind the scenes pressure is being applied by the board, at the very least this matter should (and I think definitely will) be on the table at the meeting today and not just by our club. Looking forward to hearing the outcome of today, lots of discussions to be had and as this thread points out a lot of matters involving celtic to be clarified and addressed...

Said on an earlier post I fully expect the SPFL/SFA line will be the individual players were not at fault as it was the club who broke the protocols so the individual players will not get charged. The club will then be charged and fined around 50k, which is no real punishment to a club of their size. The reverse of the jones and Edmundson situation where the players were charged but we as a club weren't as it was the individuals that broke the rules. 

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