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So many times over the last few and many years we have endured nothing but ridicule and taunts, I'm still a bit nervous until done is done but it's near, but I'm one for enjoying the moment,right now

Fucking better win it or all my wee messages i am leaving around will be pointless. Left this wee calling card in a communal area earlier.

2012 seems so long ago, so much has happened both to the club and personally, back in the dark days I wondered If I'd live to see us back at the top again, despaired at the thought of young bears bein

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Son has had his fireworks since November I said why you still got them? He said for when we win the league he stays in holy city and her dad is one of them so he is going to go mental that day, other son was telling me that a party in Drumchapel  park has been arranged as well I said half of Glasgow will be having a party so Rangers keep it going as Bridgeman from RR would say 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

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