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Not many threads choke me up, but this has. 

Almost lost Dad in Jan 2017, the night before the Well cup game (Miller late winner). To go back to Ibrox six months later for our first game (Marseille 1-1) might have been nothing to 99%, but all the world to me. 

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Lost my old man just over 10 years ago.

Reading the personal, heart felt stories of raw love, emotion and loss makes you reflect on all the things we hold so dear.

As regard my old man, growing up and living in Dundee and becoming more aware of football late 70s, but more so early 80s, there were other teams it would have been easy to support, and though I was taken to Rangers games, I was never forced to support anyone.

When the time was right and me and my still mucker decided the Rangers were the team for us, we were given this talk that once the bug bites it will never leave you, I can still remember this, he said your mates will not understand, but when you do, you will know what i mean to follow on!! by feck nearly 40 years on, its still biting.

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I find that the elderly who support us are maybe less vocal, maybe because they are not hanging on every development as we do through social media.

However that calmness belies their true blueness and I know from my own family that telling my old father-in-law that Rangers have just won (or that the scum have just lost) brings a huge smile to his face and is the highlight of his day.

He’s made it to 55 and, God willing, he’ll see 56, 57 and a few more too.

But in our joy, it is important that we remember the 66 as well as the many Rangers fans forced to eat shit in recent years but who haven’t quite made it to our impending redemption.

And there are fallen heroes who would have loved to see 55.

One in particular I will raise a glass to when it is official and nobody can take it from us.


God bless and RIP, Fernando.


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