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The Steven Gerrard Thread

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Player threads galore but we should have a thread for the charismatic man that is Stevie G, a man who has been in love with one club all his days (I can relate) but seems to have The Famous in his hea

I love our Gaffer. I would make sure I cooked him a top class breakfast and a roast dinner after riding him silly!

Love the guy and he has turned us around completely. Will be immortalised forever in our history books when he lifts the title this season and stops their ten. Here comes the negative part:

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Just now, bluenoz said:

When I was younger, I was a midfielder so I have always admired the great ones because for me, they stand out in a team. Gerrard & Zidane were my favourite two to watch. Not just the skill but the grit they had.

I couldn't believe the day he signed to become our manager. Of course he has made mistakes along the way, but his marketing magnet has made us a recognizable team again on the continent as we began to win again. And his determination to win has never left him from his footballing days. There is more to come from him in winning ways...

But there is so much more... the way he handles the media is fantastic. Look at the way he dresses on game days compared to his counterpart. He optimizes everything it is to represent Rangers.

I could go on... I guess I agree with the OP.

All good points mate. especially the first one. I think some of his premiership/England squad pals have taken a shine to Rangers due to his involvement, and players are more likely to want to work here under his regime . It all helps. It's all about the Rangers

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2 minutes ago, Blue Nosed Babe said:

I love our Gaffer. I would make sure I cooked him a top class breakfast and a roast dinner after riding him silly!

I hope he's reading this. He's been very loyal as I understand but riding him silly AND breakfast is some offer

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