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The Steven Gerrard Thread

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9 hours ago, RockwellGers said:

Player threads galore but we should have a thread for the charismatic man that is Stevie G, a man who has been in love with one club all his days (I can relate) but seems to have The Famous in his heart now (he said as much and it seems to be the case). 

Clearly he is becoming a great manager, seems to be mastering this craft as he did with the player's one. Logic says he will be back at Liverpool in the next few years. We don't know how long he will stay at Ibrox but personally I think he will be here another couple of years, he's already done a lot with this project and will want to keep it going, seems to me that is in keeping with his mentality. Taking Rangers ever higher will appeal to him and he'll be conscious of his legacy. Obviously 55 will make him immortal to us and he will know that, but he is very ambitious and I think he'll want to keep improving beyond anyone's expectations.

I've read in a few articles recently about him bringing pride and dignity to Rangers and for me he has definitely done that. He has got what Rangers is about and found common ground there. I think he relished the challenge of getting us back to where we should have been, a hero story, a triumphant return. That is something I think he craves and I reckon he looks on our progression with huge pride.

Press conferences have taken on a new meaning since Stevie has been around, he's great at handling the press (what'dyou mean "Lion's Den"?)

Anyway his performance is under as much scrutiny as anyone else's, hence this thread.

Oh, and I love Stevie. 

I've read this a lot and they are no different to how they were before.

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Player threads galore but we should have a thread for the charismatic man that is Stevie G, a man who has been in love with one club all his days (I can relate) but seems to have The Famous in his hea

I love our Gaffer. I would make sure I cooked him a top class breakfast and a roast dinner after riding him silly!

Love the guy and he has turned us around completely. Will be immortalised forever in our history books when he lifts the title this season and stops their ten. Here comes the negative part:

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I could be wrong but I’d be confident he would only leave us for Liverpool. Firstly, I can’t see him going to some no mark english club like Brighton or West Ham because I don’t think he would want to manage against Liverpool. There’s also the possibility of failure and then the Liverpool job would never be an option. 

Staying here he can continue to learn about the pressures of managing a huge club and continuing to deliver trophies as well as gaining experience on his already excellent European record but hopefully now moving onto the champions league. He’s not stupid he will know that in terms of club size it’s only Liverpool and Man United that can say they are bigger clubs than us in the UK. He’s fine just where he is. 

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He’s the makings of a top top manager because of his passion for football, his drive and focus on success - but most importantly his ability to take mistakes on the chin and learn from them. 

The signs are all there. 

I do however think he’s going to look elsewhere after next season where his experience in Champions League football will boost his portfolio. 

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7 hours ago, psb07158 said:

I wanted him gone after the Tynecastle defeat and the way our arses collapsed in the league last season. If these were normal circumstances i.e. the league had been won at some point in the past 9 years and was its usual flip-flop self between us and the filth, he'd have been gone IMO. That's the nature of being the manager of Rangers.

That said, he has recovered incredibly from the pre-COVID period, signed some attacking class in guys like Roofe (and I think Itten is going to be a big player for us next season) and Hagi whilst developing Kamara / Tav to the next level and we are now seeing the benefits of what giving a young manager time (and money) can do. 

When we lift that title this year, he will have shoved humble pie down the throats of all who doubted him. 

Long may our success continue.


Was it after that Tynecastle defeat he said something like ‘I need to reflect on where I am’ ? 

I wanted him to move on & thought he would at that point but thank fek he didn’t !

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1 hour ago, SeparateEntityMyArse said:

Morelos was a 20m quid striker, that figure's gone. I appreciated his workrate but he lost his edge, he's worth nowhere near as much as a result. We've not changed our system yet against the sheep something changed with him- Gerrard said as much too. Hopefully it continues and his goals rocket along with value again . I've praised him to high heaven, but criticised too  - because I know how good he can be and what he's capable of. Those slating Gerrard tended to be far more one sided, the criticism far outweighing the positives that were there. That's the difference.

No one cares who was right or wrong because this league will be ours. But its funny some loudest about it now were the ones who shouted loudest he be sacked and even on the Steven Gerrard thread seem not to acknowledge how lucky we are they were talking shite when others fought to defend Gerrard. And that includes this season despite our incredible stats.

You don’t know what any team will be willing to pay for Morelos end of season I honestly don’t think his values dropped as much as you think. 

Also most of the people who have criticised Gerrard and wanted him out have also praised him when things are going well, maybe one or two still want him out same applies to Morelos I don’t see how it’s any different. 

Anyway big game today mate hopefully another three points and another step closer to the title, Enjoy 👍

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Great post mate.
I think Gerrard will stay at least 2 to 3 years at Ibrox. I don't think Klopp will leave Liverpool anytime soon, so we can enjoy a bit more of his work and see Champions League Football again at Glasgow.

Like you said, I'm sure he will have the ambition to take Rangers to the best he can, he started something big in 2018, surely he wants to see the final product of his project. 

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