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And here comes the overreaction! He wasn't good at all, but the worst performance ever aye?

Gerrard wanted to sign him desperately and Liverpool wanted 7m for him, therefore the pricetag is now irrelevant. Kent nailed his colours very firmly to our mast at the start of the season when Leeds

Superb the night, class goal

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1 minute ago, Malkytfp1 said:


Aye he was pish. No doubt about it but Michael O'halloran, Jerome rothen, dragon Mladenovich and others thank you.

Never said worst player I said worst performance. He skinned himself twice the day. 

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He's been unplayable for 2-3 month periods over the last 3 seasons but for 7 million I'm expecting more. That's just 9 months out of 3 seasons where he's looked anywhere near a 7 million pound player.

We've got guys that aren't even attacking players that contribute far more than he does, cost far, far less and take way more criticism after a poor performance or result.

When he's not throwing 5 step overs at players who are 10 fucken yards away and just runs at the fullback early before teams got organised he's by far the best winger in Scotland. Instead he'd rather drop the shoulder at thin air.

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1 minute ago, tm91 said:

We have no one else to play where or how he does. He's capable of being a good player but he's not worth what we paid for him, never mind £12m!

How he does?

Like what?

He’s scored one goal since September, completely lost any ability to beat a man and let’s not kid ourself, is now hiding in games as that bad.

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11 minutes ago, Malkytfp1 said:

Look at any of those players I mentioned and I guarantee you they had a worse performance than today 

I guarantee you they were on par with that performance the day. 

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If we get a good offer in the summer that would let us at least recoup the £7 million I'd accept it.

Horrendously inconsistent, only turns up for 5 or 6 matches a season. There must be better options out there that would perform on a more consistent basis. 

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