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And here comes the overreaction! He wasn't good at all, but the worst performance ever aye?

Gerrard wanted to sign him desperately and Liverpool wanted 7m for him, therefore the pricetag is now irrelevant. Kent nailed his colours very firmly to our mast at the start of the season when Leeds

Superb the night, class goal

Posted Images

First half especially outstanding.

Plays like that nobody in the country can touch him.

This guy adds consistent goals and assists we won’t keep ahold of him, has the ability if he adds goals and assists to go the top in Britain and play for England.

Very few have his natural ability but consistently and productivity hold him back. Improve those two we’ll treble our money on him.

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1 hour ago, bluenoz said:

I still think he can't shoot very well from distance despite many attempts but I'm probably being overly critical.

He has a great engine in him. Runs all night and never gives up. Has definitely upped his game since getting benched.

He was injured 

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European football is so much more open suiting Kent and many of our other forwards. They tend to rely on their superior technical skills whereas the SPFL teams are just intent on stopping us play and they revert to 10 men behind the ball and overly physical challenges.

A real treat to see us play classy football, although to be fair Antwerps defence is pretty ropey.

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Great goal today and has more than played his part in bringing home 55.We will treble our money on him in a couple of seasons as he will only get better.


Could he go on to play for England? I genuinely think in time he could if wants it bad enough.He could easily play for a top 6 EPL side as he becomes more consistent.

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Said at the start of the season. If Kent continued his early form we'd win the title.....He never and we're still pissing it.

He's the most dangerous player in Scotland when on song. He's bang on it now and Buff is hitting the heights again.

These two are a fucking huge boost for our European adventures.

I wouldn't put anything past us this season!

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52 minutes ago, Rangers_no1 said:

On the verge of 55, you've hardly posted much lately but felt the need to bump that post. 

Enjoy it ffs

I take your point but it wasn't a random bump.

I posted 3 or 4 weeks ago that Kent should be aiming for 15 each for goals and assists by the end of the season and FAE was arguing it was a ridiculous suggestion.

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1 hour ago, DerekJohnstone said:

Lets be thankful he plays for us, if he was in any other team he'd hurt us for fun.

Frankly, that's the same for Kent, Morelas, Tav and Shagger alike. We have four players who would be an absolute pain for us as opposition, yet there are no players in our opposition (Domestically) who could cause us the same pain. We are blessed at the moment and we should enjoy it to the hilt. Fuck those bleating, bead rattling apologists!

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