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Cheerio JustUsTims, Lennon, Lawwell, Brown, Howe & Munro - Reaction.

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You don’t deserve a single thing  Your focus has been on rangers UEFA license rather than your playing squad   Your demise has cost you a potential £30 million in champions league money 

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lieswell plan was deliver the 10 before riding off into the sunset to adulation from the unwashed. What a shame. His replacement is not highly regarded by the rugby people. However lieswell will make all the correct introductions to his cronies before he goes in the hope that scum can continue to run Scottish football.

First piece of business for the new chap will be to appoint a DOF who then has to appoint a manager who then has to rebuild a squad and all before the Euro qualifiers. Good luck with that.

While we move from strength to strength. scum are fucked for years to come. 


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I think one way or another those paedos will bounce back. If they do not have the money to buy, they will sell and recruit free agents with the hope that they jump straight in. I just dont believe they are dead yet. It seems too good to be true. CL money is massive for us this year, to make sure we keep the momentum for as long as possible. 

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1 minute ago, RfcSevco said:

You do, but just let the paranoia run rife. They seem to like that on here 

Yes I forgot, sorry for that, it's been a wee while since we've started a season at home but if you think the fixture schedule is a random computer spit out, you are kidding yourself on.

You can call it paranoia, I call it corruption. 

Callum Beatie will be no different to Iain Blair when it comes to scheduling.

However, they can't stop us now. 13 out of 15 January points at tough away grounds proved that.

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45 minutes ago, rangersross said:

Absolutely. In fact, it would be criminal if we didn't increase our influence during this transitional period for them. It takes a long time to build the kind of relationships that Lawwell uses to subtly stack the deck in their favour. Having met this guy, I'm not sure he really has the 'stuff' to be their 'new Lawwell' but, even if he did, it's not going to happen overnight. 

Incidentally, I think part of what's pushing Lawwell out the door is the positive work the club's already done in this direction over the last 12-18 months. Things like the 'B Teams' reconstruction plan, the offer to fund an investigation, and our improved relationships with other clubs are slowly moving us back into a natural leadership position already. 

Agree with ur last paragraph. Lawwells legacy is shit cause of 55. He is leaving far too easy. I think we have done something in the background. Comp officer situation as well. Strange

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1 hour ago, blaudrup said:

Super strange timing.  Why not wait until the end of the season? 

Who the fuck is retiring in the middle of covid? 

("Questions you know the answer to", I know, but whit?)

I don't know the answer to the first question mate.

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5 minutes ago, Siam69 said:

Just need St. Mirren to take points off them the mora, which is very plausible considering the form of both teams, and this season's reality will be back :lol:

If that happens I really hope they move Clyde Superscoreboard to a video platform with Zoom calls.

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Frimpong ..a lot of previous dialogue on this  and what they  actually got in a fee from Leverkusen.A site called transfr markt quotes individual values for Leverkusen players whuch are accurate as far as I am aware and he comes in at £3.3 million with a upward arrow for his potential worth.

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2 hours ago, rangersross said:

He's a PR guy. He was always going to come in and butter the fans up like that. But his background is in sailing, whisky, and rugby, so I think he'll find it pretty tough to stomach their "shoot the board" fans tearing down fences to get at him if/when he fails. Surprised if he lasts four years. 

The whisky background will be where he’s in  tight with the wee Bankier cunt. 

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53 minutes ago, Darth Bear said:

What's the odds on a couple more players being sold in the next few days to boost his bonus 😂

Told Lennon he can stay till the end of the season if he doesn't complain about losing players 😂

Said it a few days ago they are deep in the shit this is just the beginning. Prepare for a few years of laughter lads because this is nowhere near over :boydie2:

Hope you’re right mate. 

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