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Cheerio JustUsTims, Lennon, Lawwell, Brown, Howe & Munro - Reaction.

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16 minutes ago, theblueoysterbar said:

Have seen him pished in the West End before, Friday or Saturday night fucking out his box staring angrily at the floor. Even the tarriers in the pub feart to go near him and ask if he was alright.

If drink did that to me I wouldn't go near it.

Were you not tempted to say something?

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1 minute ago, theblueoysterbar said:

Not at all, wouldn't want to interact with that cunt.

Said to one of our company who supports that mob that maybe he should say something and he went, "Fuck that, he looks angry."

Fair enough. You're a bigger, more sensible man than me mate.

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Just now, hammer93 said:

That was a Sunday a couple of month ago😅😅clearly the guy was on some kinda breakdown 

My mate sent it over the WhatsApp. Was wondering how you could just forget your boxers and trousers before heading up King Street.:lol:

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8 hours ago, mrmojorisin said:

Best part is that he clearly wears old training gear from that lot in his normal life - just like every single other one of those pish stained jakeys.

He’s wearing his work gear to the pub ,that’s friday only .

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I'm hoping cellic turn him over on his redundancy and he gets so fucked up with the drink that he spills the beans on the piggery cover-up. Is it possible that some of his issues are from the caravan incident with bennel at Crewe?

He should say.

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I don’t mind people having a laugh at his expense privately, I’ve done and said a lot over the years about Lennon and others which isn’t nice from their point of view. I’m just starting to feel a bit uncomfortable with the way social media is able to turn this into a situation where people can anonymously pile on and share the video around the world and make light of the issues (if there are any) that he’s facing. He’s a guy with a history of mental health issues if reports are anything to go by and while I certainly don’t have any love for him I can sympathise with that side of it. The Pandemic has highlighted the fragility of mental health and how easy it is to break it down is frankly quite scary. As someone who has struggled with it I hope he gets the help he needs because it’s quite evident from seeing him and his interactions in the last year that somethings not right.


I’ll not be joining the list of those on Social Media taking the use out of the guy anymore though. The stuff that’s said on there and the jokes made used to be made in private in years gone by but now they’re posted publicly for all to read and it’s sad to think that the victims might actually end up reading these and fuel the fire of their own misery.




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