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Cheerio JustUsTims, Lennon, Lawwell, Brown, Howe & Munro - Reaction.

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1 hour ago, BigDak said:


I was a lad during the NIAR years and while I remember a few times where The Goalie kept us in games I remember more Laudrup, Gazza, McCoist and the rest ripping them and everyone else a new one - particularly Laudrup. Then as you say, when Advocat came in we had by far the more technical team.

Even those times where they’ve been better than us and won the league (not counting the past 10 years) I’d never say there and thought they were a great side and we just held on through grit and determination. But I wasn’t sure if that was just my bias.

I had heard this “Sellic way” stuff before and I put it down to nostalgia but I’ve just noticed it trotted it by mhanks recently with all their manager woes.

The sellick way is a myth .They had a short period under burns where they played the “traditional” way for about 2 years and won fuck all .

Even then the style wasn’t a patch on we saw at times last season from Rangers .

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10 hours ago, STEPPS BOY said:

Phil with some breaking news over at Sharkhead.



What with their world class lights and their world class support they really are becoming a team to be feared these days.

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