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Cheerio JustUsTims, Lennon, Lawwell, Brown, Howe & Munro - Reaction.

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You don’t deserve a single thing  Your focus has been on rangers UEFA license rather than your playing squad   Your demise has cost you a potential £30 million in champions league money 

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24 minutes ago, ShanksRFC said:

Warburton was a decent attacking coach too and look how that ended. He strikes me as very similar in terms of style.


This Ange will only work out if he has a strong personality to go with the footballing philosophy. If he doesn’t it’s curtains within six months.

Warburton was an absolute wet blanket and that’s why he flopped as much as anything else. He didn’t have the personality or the character for it and that’s half the battle if you manage in Glasgow.


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they are turning themselves in knots trying to see a glimpse of hope :troll:


nervous 'tic


Club Captain

28 seconds ago#409

The scouting issue, withvAnge Postecoglou not knowing the local market, is a bit of a red herring, I feel. A more data driven recruitment era, coupled with things like WhyScout, has changed the way clubs recruit players, and the overall knowledge of players in marketplace.


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1 hour ago, graeme_4 said:

I think he’s a decent, attacking coach. 

Takes a whole different mentality to handle the OF and in particular to turn round a failing side vs a powerhouse like Rangers though. 

Can see this ending in tears before Christmas. 

The same be amazed if he's still here at Christmas. 

I see him like a lot of foreign coaches coming into Glasgow struggling to adapt to our league. 

The first sign of trouble and the taigs will turn on him. 

We need to be taking full advantage. Add some more quality in the summer and move further away from them. 


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9 minutes ago, Blueshoff said:

One thing he has going for him is the weakness of the SPFL - he could go undefeated in the league until the first OF.  However if he gets punted out of the CL and EL the pressure will be on.

I wonder if teams will be walking out onto the field against them already feeling hopeless and defeated this year. Shit Ross County and St. Mirren defeated them in the league last season.

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