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Cheerio JustUsTims, Lennon, Lawwell, Brown & Munro - Reaction.

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1 hour ago, the cry was no said:

PSG get 40% of any profit

22m - 9m = 13m x 40% =5.2m

7.8m left for the scum

They'll be lucky to get £22m imo

50% chance he goes in the summer or signs a new deal which gets them some cash

99% sure the 40% sell on fee is true, been reported a few different places now

100% sure Real Madrid have zero interest in the cunt, he's got less goals than Nicky Clark in the league & they think Real Madrid want him

Fuck me


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You don’t deserve a single thing  Your focus has been on rangers UEFA license rather than your playing squad   Your demise has cost you a potential £30 million in champions league money 

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5 hours ago, J-Maestro said:

I've never found Brown to be anywhere near the level they claim, but that's a bit of a nonsense claim. They were completely different players.

I remember listening to Clyde 1 and they were debating Barry Ferguson or Scott Brown. Guidi was humming and hawing about it. Nearly feel off my chair. Not even in the same conversation. Brown is absolutely shite and always has been, bossed by us pre-admin and only swaggered about against the rest of the no mark teams and when we had the likes of Holt, Goss and Windass. 

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2 hours ago, Goianegra said:

He only has 18 months left on his contract as well, will be 12 in the summer when he's sold and having paid 9 for him I reckon they'll do well to break even on him.

The 25mil figure is just a well timed smokescreen from their pals in the media to mask what has been a disastrous few days/weeks for them.

I'd be surprised if Zidane has even heard of him, just like the Chelsea manager hadn't after he was linked with a 40mil move there, let alone singled him out as a long term replacement for Benzema :lol:

Was that not Dembele? When they sent him down to hang about London on deadline day then claimed it was for treatment after nobody made an offer for him.

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1 hour ago, GrandSuckMaster said:

This is really pissing me off them talking about rules changing when they were away. It is a fuck*ng pandemic. 10s of thousands of people who went on holiday and then the travel corridors shut didn't claim it was an agenda. 


Thousands of Aussies who went away on holiday and then they imposed quotas on entrants literally can't go home at the moment. 


It is a pandemic you wanks. Of course rules change all the time. They are fucking clowns. During the biggest crisis since devolution they think the government is thinking about messing with celtic. Shut the fuck up you clowns.

The thought the government should disclose pretty impactive restrictions in advance to this mob, before the rest of the country, shows the sense of self entitlement they have.

And to compound it, the fact they didn't get the heads up in advance of every other citizen somehow puts the government to blame in their eyes.

VicTimhood right enough.

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