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Cheerio JustUsTims, Lennon, Lawwell, Brown & Munro - Reaction.

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1 hour ago, SIRB_72 said:

Turns out the manky bastards don't play till half 7 tomorrow (bizarre for a sunday) and more importantly after us:lol:

The Lurgan bigot is whingeing about this in the paper this morning, also having a dig about the snp's treatment of us being different from them Re covid statements.

He must not have been looking when we were a 12.00 kick of up there, at laest those cunts don't need to get up at half fucking four to get up there.


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You don’t deserve a single thing  Your focus has been on rangers UEFA license rather than your playing squad   Your demise has cost you a potential £30 million in champions league money 

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44 minutes ago, RS4_wul said:

They are world class at playing the victim. 

Let's just ignore that Krankie mentioned us and ayr utd when addressing their Dubai jolly.

And we haven't had any games suspended because our players didn't come into contact with the rest of our squad after their breaches, their player did and also played in a league game FFS :lol:

The cunt was starved of oxygen at birth, he’s a fucking idiot.

magic8ball and Bears r us like this
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17 minutes ago, RS4_wul said:

Is he though? 

Or is he just playing to their deranged hordes, always cheated, never defeated. Everyone's against them in the quest to stop the 10. Held to a different standard etc.

Always the victims.

You are probably right, the most victimised club in the world, and worst of all he knows he can say it and get away with it, which is the most annoying part for me.

Seeing him so annoyed is obviously very enjoyable. :boydie:

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