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You don’t deserve a single thing  Your focus has been on rangers UEFA license rather than your playing squad   Your demise has cost you a potential £30 million in champions league money 

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10 hours ago, Jamie0202 said:

When Jack has started we have conceded the following amount of goals:-  0

Didn't realise this... He is outstanding this season and we have missed him massively!

Unsung hero for us this season by all accounts. Like a Makalele for Chelsea I suppose.  

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33 minutes ago, They Gnu said:

An institution built on lies, formed in 1888 we’re told to help victims of the 1840 potato famine. A bit like forming an organisation to help victims of the Vietnam War today. 

We all know it was formed to steer the Catholic population away from those protestants and their institutions. The same prods that housed them and fed them.

Them and the hajis are a match made in Heaven. Take your hospitality, your charity then blow you up and rape your children.

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7 minutes ago, Brackley said:

I see the east end fire sale list has been published in the Record.

Apparently the value of their big French striker has dropped by £10m. Being touted for £20m now. 

The bastards are getting desperate now.

Lovely jubley. 

😄😄  20 mill ?  Be lucky if they get 10-12 mill 🤪 

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3 hours ago, Colin Traive said:

To actually use the death of a former player to have a fixture postponed because most indicators (Rangers on a superb run, scum missing key players through injury & suspensions) suggest a probable Rangers win was one of the lowest tricks I’ve ever seen and they have developed this knack of making you seem the bad guy when questioning these things.

I can’t remember any other fixtures cancelled, even for legends of that club (and O’Donnell certainly wasn’t that) which just makes the exploitation of his death even more obvious.

They are indeed a club like no other.

Thank fuck.

Total fucking scum that mob, pure poison. We are in their heads 24/7, we are their first thought of the day and the last.  What a horrible existence it must be to be that consumed by hatred that you pay more attention to your rivals than you do to your own team. Fenian bastards.

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1 hour ago, YearsofWar said:

He's only scored 1 goal from open play in his last 14 league games. Not seen that mentioned anywhere. If wee Alfie was carrying a record like that you would never stop hearing about it.

We didn't stop hearing about his lack of goals, despite the fact he was bursting his arse.

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