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You don’t deserve a single thing  Your focus has been on rangers UEFA license rather than your playing squad   Your demise has cost you a potential £30 million in champions league money 

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1 minute ago, esquire8 said:

Just asked my mate this and Ntcham wasn't at training either but says the positive test was Eduoard.

Aye was tarrier mates talking earlier in a group chat, they said it was 1 of them and they share a flat together so likely knocks both out lol

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1 hour ago, Willis said:

I can picture them thinking that Lennon will keep his cool and leave amicably and then he released his wee rant then reality hit them and they realized that there is no way Lennon is going to leave in any dignified manner and he'll take as many down with him as he can just to deflect the tiniest bit of blame away from himself.

He'll go, but he'll leave utter turmoil behind him. He's the perfect representative of that club

Spot on. I think they hoped he would quietly see out the season. 

Lennon had other ideas and I'd bet he was trying to write his ticket. He doesn’t want to be there when we clinch 55. 

Just wait until after he fucks off as well. He'll be outcast by the taig support for fucking the tainted 10. Fuck they rioted to get him out lol. 

I'd bet any money he'll do one of those tell all interviews. Blame the scum board, claim he wasn't properly backed, dubai wasn't his idea etc. 

It's going to be a car crash and brilliant to watch happen 🤣

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2 hours ago, Bears r us said:

I got as far as 2:58 and then I had to stop, he surely has forgot the history of this club of his or he would not be going on about it.

When he starts you laugh and then into the second minute you start to think this guy is a fucking idiot, know your history he says and that is when you say enough of this absolute pish and stop him and then you feel better again.

Hope that gives you a wee taster without having to listen. :pipe: 

Tasering him in the nuts until he succumbed would be funnier.

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2 hours ago, Blue Nosed Babe said:

I will not be taking morality lectures from a convicted perjurer thank you very much. I hope he has been reminded of that and that EBTs were AFTER 9 in a row.

Looks like he also broke into the public library to record that ,

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11 minutes ago, 6superbarry6 said:

Is their team on Wednesday going to be that different than it has been for last 2, if Eduoard is out then it’s only going to be Griffiths and Ajer to come in, hardly the “decimated” side they’re making out 

Griffith's will have put on a stone in the last  Fortnight.

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