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17 hours ago, Johnsey said:

That Greek striker reminds me of Herrera from his stats. Has had one good season in his entire career. A very good one last season but strange that he was so easy to snap up for £2.5m

Had a poster of Samaras on his wall growing up I’m sure.

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Their fans on Twitter are something else. It's clear to see that Ange has made them miles better than last season, it's early days but the change is amazing :lol:

After 5 games last season they had had a 5-1 and 5-0 win and we were getting told they were unstoppable. Ange has led them to their worst start in years and we are being told the same thing. 

He's clearly a better coach than Lennon but I just don't think long term a modern football manager can sacrifice the defence. I think ours proved how important it is last season. 


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