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7 hours ago, Fear no foe said:

Nah but seriously, the guy that was supposed to turn them around and modernise the club gets punted as soon as the season tickets, europa packages and strips have been sold. Less than a week after the transfer window ended and he's been replaced with a Lawell ally (puppet) as the look to crowbar Gordon bloody Strachan back into the setup lol. Big Ange will be feeling a little more isolated tonight I bet

Ange wont be, he was clearly someone brought in from lawwells connections

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9 hours ago, Colin Traive said:

That was my initial thought, too.

For me it’s one of three things.

1. He genuinely has a family crisis, eg serious illness.

2. The scale of the job and the 24/7 pressure was just too much for him. Some players wilt under the pressure of playing for us or the filth, may well be the case that the same applies to senior management too.

3. His background (SRU) was not conducive to hearing all the horror stories about the atrocities committed in the name of the filth and the sheer number of them. Very possible that, once he grasped the scale of the abuse and the decades of cover-ups, he decided he didn’t want tainted forever by association. I believe that was the reason that Eddie Howe didn’t want to be similarly stained.

I truly can’t imagine another scenario outside of these three.

I'd say its more likely a clash of ethos to be honest. People hate change. 

Or number 2, he simply wasn't up to the job. 

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