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3 hours ago, graeme_4 said:

The protection Griffiths has had from the Scottish media and celtic is just fucking ridiculous. The guys an absolute scumbag who hasn’t been ‘good’ in 5 or 6 years. Total waster. Isn’t worth the hassle he brings. Even with the shit show that is celtic, I nearly fell of my chair when they offered him a new deal. 

Them in the east end are past masters at the cover up game as we all know but you would think at some stage the media here would do the right thing but that looks as though the ship has sailed on that one and they are now as much to blame as him for his behaviour. In fact they encourage it with their protection of it. 

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8 minutes ago, Moody Blue Legend said:

Seemingly Rab Douglas rolling about Lanark. :lol: 



Fucking hell, though he was an ex bouncer. Seen lassies punch better than that! :lol:

He needs to borrow that wank Michael Stewarts punch bag! At least it doesn't hit back. :confused:

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4 hours ago, BlueKnight87 said:

Exactly mate. Kicked it into the crowd because he couldn't take being told the truth. Yet somehow people in Scottish Media making excuses for him again. 

Just wait until our game at the weekend. If he does play, you can just see the story coming. Big Bad Rangers fans abuse Griffiths. 


He is a total shite bag the last thing he will want to play against us he knows whats coming his way

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3 hours ago, Leftpegcoopz11 said:

When his career is finished, if it isn't already, he will end up behind bars at some point further down the line, of that I have no doubt. He never fucking learns! :confused:

I'm just sharpening my schadenfreude for when he's fat, minging, penniless and up in court.

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Disco lights for Raith Rovers 🤣🤣🤣🤣

no gonnae lie they are quite impressive and wouldn’t mind ibrox having something like that for European nights or something but raith rovers in the league cup is just embarrassing man.

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