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Is Morelos the only player that can get booked for his reaction to a foul? Seen so many times players respond to a foul being called against them by screaming and throwing their arms or slapping the ground. Felt like there was a period when Alfie was getting booked all the time for throwing his hands in the air :lol:

Clancy pretty much just ignoring Utd players going down now. 


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1 minute ago, bluenoz said:

Tbf, Dundee U look pretty good.

Only been watching second half, flicking between that and Hibs and got the Arsenal Spurs game on but from what I've seen theyve been tidy on the ball and moving well. Still a couple of dodgy moments in defence but they've been getting forward well.

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Not watching but unsurprised to hear that Clancy is giving them every decision. All this “there are no refs that cheat” talk is bollocks. He’s a cheating bastard. End of. 

Won’t be mentioned though I’m sure. Every game they drop points they blame the refs for cheating......deluded 

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