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1 minute ago, Siam69 said:

October will see a total collapse, bed sheets all over the place, antiboard protests, Fritzle being dismissive of them, fat Angie hounded, Strachan brought in to consolidate 2nd. 

Enjoy the show ...

With Rangers fans to blame for all of it! :lol:

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Wonder how much they will say attended this game. Fucking loads of empty seats in the rows you could see on the telly.

Although, perhaps they do have some decent fans who bought a season ticket to prevent some other unlucky idiot from being subjected to the shocking performances.


2nd point: I watched the 1st half and they are fucking horrendous, slack passes all over.


3rd point: I can see potential for more legal claims to be made against them for repetitive strain injury- all that passing god sake they can't last a game without someone getting injured. Claims galore over there by Christmas.


4th point: Leverkusen -3 on Thursday.

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