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12 minutes ago, .Williamson. said:

I get the impression Lennon actually resents the celtic support now 

He has said as much publicly in an interview 

thinks the modern young celtic fan is spoiled and doesn’t recognise them from the Celtic support he grew up with or something along those lines 

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20 minutes ago, cr3_bear said:

they have been gubbed 4-0 at home and some are angling for the glorious failure angle

Let them mate… the longer angeball is left alone and their results don’t improve let them carry on👍🏻

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12 minutes ago, ritchieshearercaldow said:

Warning to Lennon sticking up for Kamara at least

On second thoughts he’s still a cunt.

Mate I see where you're coming from. I was more interested in what Lennon thought than Lambert who sounded a wee bit worse for wear all night TBH. BT cut him off as he was making sense in regards to Kamara.

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