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1 hour ago, Tak3rNo1 said:

Ha fucking ha! the guy that's wrote that is fucking hurting big style, its absolutely glorious, clutching at any excuse to somehow square it in his own mind, back in you're place now scum for the long term, #55 is only the beginning and it's terrifying them. :jimmybell:

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1 hour ago, cr3_bear said:

They are the worlds worst winners and worlds worst losers . Not once through the last 9 years did I ever think of chucking Rangers . Not wanting to get all birthday card pish but it definitely made my support stronger .

All the shite that has happened to us has only galvanised us as a support and made us love our club more. We don't do walking away.

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33 minutes ago, AdzKyle said:

Here we go yet AGAIN. 

Duffy makes another fuck 3 or 4 fuck ups on social media, picking fights, threatening people and messaging some tart, but papers run with this. 

“celtic have hit out at the 'disgraceful' and 'despicable' sectarian abuse aimed at Shane Duffy as they stood firmly behind the defender.”


Fucking scum. 

It'll be his own fans😂😂😂

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