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9 hours ago, Negri's lovechild said:

I absolutely love that the only thing they have left now is to play up to the slavering messes in their support. Trotting out the 'new club' and 'sevco' patter is incredibly pathetic from them, and to be honest unprofessional. It's like Jim Traynor's illiterate brother is in charge of their PR at the moment.

You just know their next manager is going to be one of their own to appease the idiots in their support as well.

I am loving every single minute.

This is crying out for a meme of someone at Parkhead on a computer typing " Irish Catholic " into a Google search bar.

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4 hours ago, BlueKnight87 said:

I'm enjoying seeing them double down on the sevco pish. As if it somehow takes away the pain of watching us win 55 at a canter.

I expect as well it will be a manager with taig connections. Play to the hordes and I really hope it's Keane. 


Keane or our scumbag National manager Clarke . These 2 managers, would have them organising the protests outside the stadium in no time. 

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STEVE CLARKE has refused to rule himself out of the running for the Celtic job.

The Scotland gaffer has promised the Tartan Army he’ll definitely lead them to the Euros.

But Clarke admits there are no guarantees over his future beyond the summer.

The 57-year-old is a lifelong Celts supporter and is priced at 16/1 with the bookies to take over at Parkhead

He claimed it’s speculation to link him with the Hoops.

But asked if he can clarify his position, Clarke said: “Why would anybody say they don’t want anything? Why would I do that? I could be somewhere else in the summer, I don’t know what’s going to happen.

“Did you know this time last year we were going to be stuck in the house all this time by a pandemic?

“Nobody knows what’s going to happen, so I don’t think it’s fair you say I’ve got to knock it on the head. I didn’t start the speculation.

“I’m delighted and proud to be the manager of Scotland.”

Asked if he was flattered to be linked with the Celtic job, Clarke added: “Flattery comes because my players have been fantastic, my staff have been fantastic and we’ve had a little bit of success.

“Without the success you don’t get the speculation.”

Clarke insists one thing is certain — that he’ll be Scotland boss at the Euros this summer.

He said: “I don’t think it’s my job to knock anything on the head because I’m the Scotland manager. I told you on the steps in Serbia, and straight to your faces, I’d be here for Euro 2020.

“If you can tell me I’ll still be the manager of Scotland come December 2022 in Qatar, I’ll be delighted with that too.

“People can speculate all they want, but it’s not my job to get involved in speculation.”

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22 minutes ago, TheFamousPigeon said:

Clarke :lol: 

Held success with a Killie team who parked the bus and scored on the break. 

That's not 'the Celtic way' of playing. Albeit maybe it will be a good strategy to stop that leaking defence... 

He'll fit right in with the victim mentality they have. 

Hears sectarian abuse when it comes from us and tells the media he's glad his kids weren't raised in Glasgow 

Can't hear a thing when the scum throw abuse at Kris Boyd..

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I think it will be him.

They are having a total rebuild, not just on the park but the whole club. I think they'll want someone to provide some sort of stability. 

A 'project' manager like Maresca would be a mental gamble I don't think they'll be willing to take at this time.

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