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22 minutes ago, bluenoz said:

I agree it takes time to rebuild but not everybody on here was willing to give Gerrard the time it took to get 55. He received  a lot of flak especially after the Hearts game.

It will be no different across the city. A draw or two will have fans wanting his head. Gerrard was given 3 years because of his name and thank God he was. The Aussie will be given until Christmas.

Exactly. Steven Gerrard is always gonna get more time than Stavros. He needs to hit the ground running big time.

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54 minutes ago, johanhentze said:

Amen. Our proper rebuild began with Gerrard. Even with a quality backroom staff it took us 3 years. He also learnt in his first year that pretty attacking football wasnt gonna work. He had to change and came up with the answer. Stavros, by all accounts, is stubborn and doesnt compromise as far as philosophy is concerned. This will be his downfall.

I'd say it began with Warburton, that was the start of slowly building the team back up to where it needed to be. Whether their clown brings in the right players or not he won't be given the time anyway.

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47 minutes ago, King Jela said:

Will the 'right players' respect a complete nobody like Ange? 

It's going to be hilarious getting a bunch of spoiled cunts who got pumped last season,to take to his work hard methods.
This shower of tossers were blowing out their arse before they went to R+R in Dubai.
That wee prick McGregor is showing signs of burn out and me personally think he is a petulant wee cunt who will not take too kindly to being ordered about.
They are fuckin TOAST :dance:

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37 minutes ago, slimjim1690 said:

See all this talk about his all out attack philosophy, well wasn't that actually their philosophy last season as well?, the reason I ask is surely it must have been because they sure as hell couldn't defend worth a shit.

To quote Greegs "happy days".

Mate.. watch this.



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9 hours ago, Bad Robot said:

they always do that and it’s business savvy tbh but yes it just sets the doubt from the off 👏🏻👏🏻

More than likely they know they will have to pay him off and can’t afford it. 

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11 hours ago, ritchieshearercaldow said:

That’s my take on it, he is a manager with experience (maybe not the right experience) so it all depends on what he gets to work with and will he be enough of a draw to get those players.

When you think of the likes of Craig Levin, plenty of experience managed the National team but ended up a bit of a nobody.


9 hours ago, TEFTONG said:

Be another good laugh if uefa deny his involvement in Europe with him not actually having the required badges. 

But but but... We have been tracking him for years but... 

If it was us I would be raging. As it's not I am looking forward to this big time. All this talk of crocodile Dundee I can't but picture that ass shot.😃



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Won’t be saying too much about their new manager until a few games go by and we see what he produces on the pitch . End of the day no matter who they had in the dugout this season I had us as favourites and up to us to show that on the park. 

Reading between the lines he seems determined to build an all out attacking team who will put “fans on the edge of their seats” . That must slightly concern they cunts as the main focus of any manager walking through their doors this summer should be sorting out that defence and getting a reliable goalkeeper in . 

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11 minutes ago, graeme_4 said:

I honestly think the single biggest step in the journey was appointing someone that was ‘bigger’ than everyone else at the club. With the likes of Pedro and Murty they could be squeezed out with a bit of backstabbing and media pressure initiated from certain players. 

Gerrard has parallels with Alex Ferguson where he’s the main man, and his players are the employees - rather than say a player like Kenny Miller thinking he’s the leader. 

For similar reasons certain managers always demand they’re higher paid than any of the players. 

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