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2 minutes ago, Gallant Pioneers said:

Probably too busy arresting people for George Square or cutting trees down

Those coppers hunting down our celebrants are living on the edge, the lawn edge..

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12 minutes ago, Rowley Birkin said:

well all we have heard about postngoglue is hes a hardline boss who doesnt suffer fools and its his way or the highway

lets see just how hardline he is and how he deals with the racist nonce

He’s just been in Japan - young girls are pretty much idolised 

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7 hours ago, BlueKnight87 said:

Any other club would terminate his contract immediately. 

Scum fc will leap to his defence. 

Absolutely no doubt about it. 

“We conducted and internal investigation and the matter has been dealt with - let’s move on. Plus shes 16 anyway so it’s not like he did anything wrong”

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6 hours ago, Paisley Blue Loyal said:

I’m sure I seen something a couple of year ago in the media about how The Scum were leading the way in Scottish football in regards to Child Protection, Think it was about the time we were all waiting on the report from spfl/sfa investigation into historical child abuse so they had their lackeys in the media trying to portray them in a good light, Hopefully The Victims of that rancid clubs lawyers are watching very closely to see how celtic deal with this.

Well time for them to lead by example they claim to set .


show the wee nonce prick the door .


Anything else means they were talking pish .

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