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Just now, the blue plumber said:

If he’d done due diligence on that mhob he wouldn’t have went near it

TBF you cant blame him. as much as we despise them they are a big club, in comparison to where he was. If the circumstances were different and they were in say the position we were in, he'd never have even been considered as 200th choice let alone 2nd choice. So he can't really complain IMO. I think theyll have a disaster season and he'll either stay on and not be renewed or he'll be hooked for Kennedy and Laptop boy mid season IMO.

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2 hours ago, The Specky Liar said:

I doubt they are signing Deeney but if they are no way is it a Postecoglou signing

Remember Carlton Cole and Kazim Richards joining under Delia, two of the most bizarre signings ever.

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51 minutes ago, bluenoz said:

He may be a "yes man" in some areas and transfers and backroom staff may be out of his control but fitness levels fall at his doorstep. No excuse there.

Normally I would 100pc agree ,but he had 2 issues to overcome ,fitness and he had to teach them to pass the ball 😂

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