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6 minutes ago, plymouthranger said:

Their keepers are fucking dreadful. Bain used to be an alright keeper but he’s become absolutely pish as well. 

Barkas on the 2nd goal was hilarious and Bain at the 4th was great as well, bring it on. 

Worst thing you can ever do is chop and change keepers over mistakes. They probably ruined the confidence of all of them last year. Once you make the change you can't be going back.

Obviously if it's to give the other keeper a game it's a different story.(McLaughlin)

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1 hour ago, SteveEarle said:

I truly can't recall anyone who has looked so uncomfortable in front of the media. He appears so flat and despondent it's beyond belief. The guy is only a matter of weeks into his dream job and he looks like a rabbit in the headlights. It's clearly early days but if he doesn't lift himself the mood in the dressing will be god awful. If this guy is still here at Christmas I'll eat my tree!?

Fucking delighted!!!!!:lol:

He's way out of his depth, you can just imagine the shaking of heads and players staring at one another in the dressing room when he walks out the door.

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The positioning from Barkas for that Antonio goal is single handedly some of the worst I’ve ever seen from a professional footballer

He wouldn’t get a game for any Scottish top flight side yet they persist on playing him, it’s absolutely mental

He’s the worst goalkeeper I’ve ever seen play in Scotland 

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Just now, Moody Blue Legend said:

Surprised and delighted he kept him in.  Confidence already shot to fuck and another 6 papped past you at home.  Glorious.

Aye but meaningless friendly apparently :lol: 

Losing 6 goals means nothing because West Ham are superstars and the smellies were “electric” going forward 

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