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5 minutes ago, RFCRobertson said:

After the decade we've had as a club, new supporters seeing us win 55 as their first trophy and old boys passing on not knowing what'll happen to their club, we 100% deserve a good few seasons to really live it up! 

Well said👏👏👏

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1 minute ago, TartanTeddy said:

Just from tonight:

Any team buying Edouard now know they are dealing with a club that have just lost any potential Champions League income and know the player is unmotivated and wants a move - that drops the price immediately.

Any team selling them a keeper, full back or striker knows they are desperate - that increases the price, even for dross

Players with ambition will look at them as a lost cause

The Manager, after two games, is a dead man walking 

Press conference is going to be great, lose to Hearts and the guy's head is going to explode!!   :lol:

The thing with Edouard is teams must recognise he’s the kind of player that’s gong to give up and not bother trying if he doesn’t get his own way. I wouldn’t want anyone like that at my club. 

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