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3 hours ago, The Dude said:

Aussie Pedro is fucked already and the next few months are going to be fucking spectacular.

I just hope they keep him in post long enough to get ourselves 10-15points clear. 

I honestly think he could be gone by first international break 😂

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5 hours ago, Canabear said:

The only reason they got Rodgers in the first place was he was looking for a job at the time and he used them as a stepping stone to get another gig in the EPL.

Now mind you he might have hung around a wee bit longer had they gave him the cash he was asking for to dominate as he looked across the City and knew damn well that if SG ever got the financial backing he needed then he had a challenger and a big determined challenger at that.

Rodgers knew Gerrard , coached him , knew what he was like as a character and an individual , knew he was motivated to win and when he saw he wasn't going to get the finances to ward off SG said fuck it as he knew what was coming.

Rodgers isn't an idiot. He's been in the game too long to let his guard down so when Leicester came calling he was off like a shot.

The thing with Rodgers is he left them in a fairly good position but unless you are willing to maintain that position it'll always end up pear shaped and that's exactly what happened.

The steady year on improvement SG made with Rangers , something i'm convinced Rodgers seen coming , coinciding with an over inflated ego that was/is their board in not having the foresight that Rodgers did in seeing SG's Rangers getting steadily better , the hiring of TLB in the shower , which is in and of itself the single most embarrassing Managerial appointment situation I have ever heard of , and the lack funds being made available to TLB due to , imo , a future court case that is going to cost them "Mullions" in compo has seen them fall so far into a state of disrepair that if Rangers play this right , and I seriously don't doubt they will , will see them drift further behind anywhere we ever were that I doubt we'll see a serious challenge from them for a while as the whole time they are trying to catch up we'll be getting further and further away from them.

Christ it's good to be a Bear eh!!


Rodgers never left them in a good position at all, there were contracts running down, their mob was costing far too much a year to sustain and essentially needed the CL or a massove player sale to break even

The year after rodgers left, they made the europa league last 16, sold tierney for 24mill and still only broke even financially 

Thats a shockingly bad position to be in

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