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5 minutes ago, The Specky Liar said:

2 panic buys

I doubt big Ange would have picked these two if he had the choice. Probably better than what they have.

Probably being the correct word.

One has sat on the bench ‘cause he’s been getting worse over the past 8 years and the other has at best only managed 33 games in a season…

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2 minutes ago, The Specky Liar said:

4 year deal for McCarthy, that's fucking wild

Have they agreed a lower weekly wage in the hope of punting them for nothing in a year or two if it doesn't work out? 3 and 4 year contracts sound like madness though. 

Seems like two pish signings but can't slag them too much for that, we've had our fair share of hasbeens through the door in recent years. But fingers crossed two panic buy duds to appease them.

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Contract lengths are interesting for two veteran players - McCarthy on a four year deal, and Hart on three years. That's a lot of money tied up in, relatively speaking, older players. If they fail, they'll be really hard to shift without a significant pay off.

Ans as has been said above, never been so happy the day we moved from signing Barton's and Beattie's and moved to picking up guys like Aribo, Kamara and Alfie

Clearly both upgrades on what they have, but not exactly playing the long game or setting themselves a foundation for the future.

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Over five million in contracts that will need to be paid up when it all goes tits up because they’ll struggle to sell either of these two at any price, ever.

And still not a single player on their staff would get into our squad, let alone our starting eleven.

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51 minutes ago, TheEyesHaveit said:

Furohashi san....Iniesta say GO to celtic... I remember as a young boy looking at my first celtic poster

above my bed and it brought a tear to the eye of Iniesta....looking down were Wayne Biggins, Carl Muggleton and Anton Rogan...


There are enough things to laugh at them just now for without making things up.

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20 minutes ago, ritchieshearercaldow said:

Can’t see MacCarthy being a starter in most games, he’ll be used as a sub to shore up the midfield either when they’re getting pumped or holding on to a 1 goal lead.

Obviously they’re shit scared they lose 2nd place

No, I reckon they plan to play him.

Hart in goal, Welsh and Starburst at CB plus two full backs (still to come in ?), Turnbull, McGregor and FenianCunt in the middle, Lost Neck Monster and the Israeli refugee either side of the Jap.

Not losing sleep over that even with the child groomer on the bench.

A club like no other, as they say


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4 minutes ago, Number5 said:

Those deals are fucking mental/superb.

Obviously they probably would have rather not turned out at the peadodome so the only way to convince them was offer them crazy contracts.

This just gets better and better.

McCarthy supports them...

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