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I’m buzzing for my Mrs tbh. Took her to her first game in February 2017 against Morton. Murty’s first game in charge. She came for the pie and bovril and at least she wasn’t disappointed. She’s been with me through things like that, the Joey Garner Hamilton masterclass, Progress at home under Pedro (where I bigged up the fact it was our European return :megaanguish:) and she came to Pedro’s 2-0 old firm defeat.

Her patience has paid off at times though. As she enjoyed it more than I thought, even in some really shit times, I’d tell her of what it “used to be like” and we managed to get some huge memories in there.

Rapid Vienna is one of my favourite games I’ve ever been to. She was totally taken aback by the noise. The emotion of going one down, the rapid response, the penalty and the last minute clincher - it was magic. She bashed her knee off the chair infront doing her first bouncy.

She’s been part of the journey and it would be her first league title she’d see since being involved. She’s caught the bug already, but this one will be special for her.

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I’ll just be thrown back to the day we learnt we were going into administration and everything that we have went through the last few years since it 

It is absolutely unbelievable that we are back in a position of winning the league title again when you sit and take in exactly what has happened to the club since 2012

Rangers played in the 3rd division. Fuck me

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15 minutes ago, Willis said:

All the bears! Especially those who stayed true during the lower leagues and stood in the pishing rain at Ayr or watched us scraping results against Montrose and Alloa. We're the best support in the world and our 55th title will be the vindication we all deserve. 


The snow / hailstones at Berwick away, standing on a muddy hill.

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my mum, she passed away in march 2019 at age 83  and always wanted to know how Rangers were getting on when I used to go up to my dads still here to watch the football on tv mum would come up every so often to see what score was but would sit in kitchen downstairs with her tea as she thought she would feck  it up if she came up to watch lol. miss her loads 

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1 hour ago, McEwan's Lager said:

My Dad's best pal died in the early stages of our first season back up in the Premiership, I'm glad he at least got to see our return. Would absolutely loved for him to have seen this season.

@Mr Soprano knows who I'm talking about.

A great man.

I remember walking with him in Cowcaddens on the way home from the Boyne Celebrations last time he was here.

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