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***** The Official Hibs vs Rangers Match Thread *****

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Ffs !! That’s one fucker of a slope we need to deal with as well. 

So you think that Kent is like having a man down? Did you notice who sprinted the 15yrds in the dying seconds of the game to nullify hibs launching the ball up the park....he works like fuck ever

See that would be a good statement had we not just won 5 0 in the game after fir park 

Posted Images

Don't think the pitch is doing us any favours, our front three again have been very poor. Id be taking morelos off at half time, will get him used to the 2 or 3 games of sitting in the stands that is coming his way.

One of our midfielders needs to stand up and commit to being more offensive we just seem passive in there hoping something will happen on front of us.

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4 minutes ago, GA1972 said:

Man gets zero love and it’s infuriating 

Maybe needs to throw some elbows and have some kick outs at the opposition 

I think you are spot on, he's too quiet it seems. As soon as he starts barking to get on he will make a major impact on a starting lineup. He's a huge player waiting to emerge.

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2 minutes ago, Henders82 said:

Still talking about a "stamp" FFS man.

Hibs players drop like fuckin flies every time we go near them and get free kicks. 

Up the tempo, move it quicker and we will get a couple here. 

Fuck supporting a team like that who only try a leg 4 times a season. junkie pricks

I was called paranoid for saying they only try against the royal blue 😂

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1 minute ago, Hadron Collider said:

Have they escaped it? Not seen a thing yet. 

Well the fact Brown wasn't cited yesterday makes me believe he has escaped it.

And Edoured stamp against  Dundee united was never to be mentioned again.

Its a fucking witch hunt with Alfredo due to his past. This will be talk of the week now with the media

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1 minute ago, siamthedanger said:

Gambled with not starting our most creative spark recently (Hagi) and it's not working so think we need to get the wee man on for the second half. 

He has blind faith in Aribo who you could argue  perhaps is technically better than Hagi but his energy levels are pathetic. Plus on this pitch his close control is non existent.

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1 minute ago, Prso's headband said:

Feel like we could step it up if needed but they look like playing for a draw. Hopefully come out and get the goal in the first 15 mins

they look lethargic as fuck. I know we've hardly pressed at pace but if we do then its a 2-0 win for us. 

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