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Welcome to Rangers, Scott Wright.

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The fume is superb

As If I couldn’t love Jack any more 

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Welcome, Scott, to the greatest club you’ll ever play for.

But no way should we be paying Aberdeen any money to get him now, or reducing anything off the McCrorie deal either.  They’re getting Ross for a snip, so fuck that.

Player swap to the end of the season involving one or two of Jones, Barker or Stewart to fill the void for them.

Also, why do we love signing players who have done their cruciate so much?!

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Seen him against us earlier in the season and thought he looked decent, actually said at the time I hope we look at him (before I knew he was out of contract) which makes it even better.

Very little risk, knows the game up here & pisses those mutant cunts off even more...win/win

This was also posted by an sheep fan...their stupidity knows no limit...

'Stats from AFC site show he's got three assists, 2 goals and hasn't had a shot on target all season.'

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36 minutes ago, BillyG91 said:


wanted to read about him and saw bheasts doing bheast things:



the daft cunt doesn't realise their IP is visible to everyone hahaha.

We could go in to administration twice this season and still be top of the league.

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I decided to go and read the Aberdeen forum where there is a 40 page thread on him.  Now the last few pages all naturally said he was shite, their bound to say that now he’s leaving for us, but I went and checked from page one which was started in 2019 and they still say he’s shite.  Hardly filled me with confidence.  

anyway, I’ll give him a chance, but I feel like I’ve made my mind up already, so if he does turn out to be a player it will be a surprise for me.

on another note, the hatred from the cunts up north is fucking glorious. 😂😂

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Looks to have a but more dig and fight that the players he is coming into hopefully replace. 

Won't be unhappy as Jones, Barker, Stewart all leaving this window. 

Sometimes all we want is Endeavour and a will to win - think this lad has that. 

Welcome to the best club in the World. 



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I would be deluding myself if I said I was excited about this signing at all, it may be the least inspiring signing we've made in years (not saying he'll be the worst, many have benefitted from a mysterious/unknown background) but at the same time if he's pish it's not really going to affect very much so we'll see how he does. 

I just hope this isn't the wide competition we expect is going to push Kent on or compete on the right and is more of an extra cover type of player. Would hope in the summer that we add another piece of wide quality, such as the Sakala boy in Belgium who seems to be hitting some form just now or someone else.

But hopefully he proves me wrong and makes a contribution. Like I say, he'll either be surprisingly good or will be inconsequential. So not a transfer to be that annoyed about, but hardly exciting either. 

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