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New RTV Site and Mobile App

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RTV worked perfectly all season, why bother with the change half way through a season? Fucking joke.

I'm sure this will go smoothly  

Yep not played once for me on app, browser or any device 

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The whole single sign on for every club aspect makes complete sense, why was that not done sooner as mentioned like years ago.

Suppose having RangersTV more closely linked with the club website is a good thing similar to the Rangers store.

I remember Stadion saying when the initial club website was launched that these was two things in the pipe-line along with the new club app.

Although it sounds like the RangersTV app will be separate to the Club app. (not sure if Stadion Designed it - I thought the current RangersTV app was created by StreamAMG, who run the backend of the RangersTv Platform.

According to the new Rangers Picks game which will  be developed by a company called yinzcam website in conjunction with Low6 as the new game will be incorporated into it.

Yinzcam has created applications for NBA,NFL teams etc.



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1 hour ago, KingKirk said:

So do i need to do anything. I have the app already. 

 does this effect the VST

They're waiting on Apple/Android to push out the updated app.

The key for all this is a single sign-in over RTV/Club Website/RFC Shop which allows for central datatbase of contacts rather than 3 different accounts with the same data 

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