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Just now, MisterC said:

He really isn't. One excellent book. Another semi decent collection of short stories and then after that a pile of shite. Problem is his editor has no sense of quality control and isnt prepared to tell him his latest work is shite. He hasnt written a passable book since maribou stork nightmares.

Which brings me on to my next point, you've been here before and removed. And now it's time to bid you adieu, au revoir, auf wiedersehen...

This is my first account, but bon voyage 😂

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Poor boy is fucking criminalised in this country, best of it is is the moment theres a break, first thing that boy does is go home to Colombia to help out his hometown. Not a word mentioned of course.

Most of Scottish football seems to be having a wee hissy fit because Rangers are back on top, fuck every last one of them, I don't care if it's hibs, Motherwell or Hamilton, I hate them all, absolutel

If talking about machetes and chopping folk up is acceptable then fuck it, get Michael Stone on RTV for next Old Firm game.

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5 minutes ago, Ariel Ortega said:

I’m now being blamed for this topic being in the bears den?

Naw for you been in the bears den. You should have been punted.

Also this topic aint about this cunt been an author its about his sick remarks last night.

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3 hours ago, born a blue nose said:

Any bear that lines that cunts pockets is a fucking clown 

he had a band called ‘stairway 13’ too. Fucking scumbag. 

Have bought plenty of his books over the years but I didn't have a clue he was in a band called that. Won't be buying anymore. Easy enough to download them for free if I want to read them.

born a blue nose likes this
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