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Could buy Barry from eastenders for a week and just have him walk round George Square singing the sash 

So Bridgeton Loyal put out a random idea of raising enough money (£14k) to get the Red Arrows booked for the 55 title party..    They set up a go fund me page which has just hit £18,000

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3 minutes ago, Junior Soprano said:

Need to be booked a year in advance seemingly 

I thought under the original post on twitter when it was mentioned someone posted a form saying it needed booked by March 

you would think 4 odd months is plenty aswell!

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8 minutes ago, Junior Soprano said:

Yeah but folk like me and you are donating for something else. Think it needed thought through a bit more.

To be fair they were pretty open about it that there was a chance they couldn’t get it & what they would do with it if it wasn’t possible! Also they’re about 10 grand over what they needed so everybody donating since the £14k knew exactly what they were giving it to! 

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6 minutes ago, .Williamson. said:

They could hire one of those and throw you from it 

Why would they want to throw me from it ? Do you have a personal issue with me ?

If so please keep it to yourself and do not post it in the Bear's Den. 

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