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Rangers Tweet - Consistency

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Honestly, other than our own Alfie (occasionally) and the odd player here and there, who leads with an elbow like that?

Professional players don’t do that unless they’re aiming to hurt the player/leave one on them. It’s an unnatural height/action.

Red card all day long. Let’s see if there’s a fast-tracked process for that bastard.

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2 hours ago, B1872 said:

Imagine that was Alfie?

That fat Harry Potter cunt would still be talking about it. 


Literally every cunt involved in Scottish media as soon as Morelos is involved in anything. 

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Watched that tonight, Clancy is a cheat that was obvious piggery last season. But the linesman is standing watching it, then the offside is fucking baffling in line and misses. Killie again showed up there poor defending every time ball went in the box they looked uneasy. We’re due them a hammering 

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I thought there was contact from the keeper with the penalty tbh. Why he dives In like that and made an absolute rip roaring cunt of it is beyond me.

Why even allow the linesman to make that decision?

Its a very slight touch but a touch none the less imo 

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There's a touch but its not a penalty, he's dragged his other leg anticipating contact. Contact is allowed as it's a contact sport but the keeper is stupid throwing himself into it and giving the officials a decision to make.

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32 minutes ago, Clunge said:

Lego eater to find out on Thursday after and man panel of former grade 1 referees adjudicate on chance missing the elbow on tshibola.

He looks at him first then turns away as he does it. It's a pretty poor attempt at an elbow but he knew what he was doing and the intent is there so it has to be a ban. 

It probably won't be though.

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