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***** The Official Hamilton Accies vs Rangers Match Thread *****

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Hamiltom Academical vs Rangers Fc Matchday 28 Date: 7th of Febuary Venue: Fountain of Youth Stadium Kick off: 12:00 Live on Sky Sports (starts at 11:00am) Recent Forms:

Now . . . that's a match thread .

Away and don't talk fucking shite 

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Why are there so many mentions of the Europa League here?, we have Kilmarnock at home next weekend before Antwerp so team selection had nothing to do with the EL game.

Shite performance, shite result but the league is done,  once the frustration wears off the table will still show a 21 point gap.

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Folk saying Itten isn't good enough weren't watching the same game as me. I thought he was outstanding at holding it up and bringing others into play. He was a lone striker, not something he is used to. Kent was absolute garbage and Hagi did well in flashed. Had Roofe been alongside him, I'm sure we'd have won that. 

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Just now, esquire8 said:

They don't get a free pass with me apart from Kamara. Doesn't matter when he last started apart from the fact every time he starts he is pish and every time he comes on he is pish.

Again though, blaming a defensive mid who has barely played, for us struggling away to hamilton is mental, kent got 90mins, shouldn't start another game till the leagues won, he doesn't deserve it, aribo isnt good enough consistency wise, he spends 90mins blowing hot then cold then colder and doesn't get much better

Feel bad for itten, first start in ages and the only other person who actually linked well with him was subbed off also, meanwhile two imposters got 90mins

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2 minutes ago, scottyc06 said:

We know they’re going to drop points before we play them so needed to slip up somewhere to ensure we fuck them at parkhead... obviously 🤷‍♂️

I would rather we won the league as early as possible and take the pish out them at the tattiedome.

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3 minutes ago, Creampuff said:

We’re 21 points clear :lol: 

Even if Celtic win every game between now and the end of the season (including Old Firms) they’d still need us to drop points at least three more times in our other 8 matches (three losses - we’ve got more wiggle room with these draws).

The league is over.

When you put it like that I feel more confident but I just want it over with

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1 minute ago, Valance1690 said:

The old firms I'm never confident about, even going back years, anybody can win them.

As for the other games, we play the way we have against Hibs/Motherwell/St Johnstone & Hamilton over the last 4 weeks then we'll drop points, 100%.


But will we drop points 4 times in 8 matches? Because that’s what Celtic will need us to do. 

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9 minutes ago, Valance1690 said:

They're champions elect

The leagues done

Dont even need to turn up for the next 10 games we'll win by 20/30 points 

Absolutely crazy that cunts think this is anywhere near done with 2 old firms left & our history of bottling it under any sort of pressure.

Yes, we were atrocious today but it's coming home bud, has been for quite a while now.

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Just now, Ger_onimo said:

People made reasonable predictions about the result between the top team and bottom team which were wrong because we played well below standard. So what? Again, what point do you think you’re making? Do you think people on a forum guessing the results of upcoming games will lose us the title?

if it was reasonable then how did it end up 1-1? we'd be pumped off hamilton the day if it wasn't for the OG and mcgregors saves. we were fucking shite. thinking we were gonna score 4, 5, 6 goals is not reasonable.

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