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***** The Official Rangers vs Kilmarnock Match Thread *****

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Any win will do as long as we win.

Where do these absolute throbbers come from on match day? Should have a yellow and red card system for match threads they're fucking cancer with all the fannys that come out the woodwork. We

We dominated the game from start to finish and Kilmarnock never even had a shot on target.  It was far better than last weekend.

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4 minutes ago, qwerty said:

Not sure what you mean by that mate, though he looks like he has lots of potential

He absolutely does bud. I think he will be a success here but on this forum a few posters were writing him off before he had kicked a ball for us. Mental!! 

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Just now, Mclean RFC said:

a little harsh. considering the importance of this season.

The season is important but some people need to calm the fuck down and show a bit more composure and backbone. We have a 86% win rate in the league this season and people are talking about their concern and worry that we might not get 4 wins from the 9 games we have left to finish it. It’s laughable.

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Fantastic 3pts. A wins a win.

Managed the game out nicely.

That 1st half was dogshite. Took a wonder strike to get our 1st shot on target. Stale as fuck.

Better 2nd half.

Its a bad state of affairs though when you would have happily took off all of your attacking threats.

Aribo is annoying. Finds himself in superb areas but doesn't deliver enough for me. Be glad when Arfield can replace him.

What's Ittens Skillset? Hard worker, battles? Hopefully we've bought him based on potential and he can be coached but he doesn't look like a player who's going to scare SPL defenses. Hope I'm wrong!

Glad we got this over the line and another massive 3pts!


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2 minutes ago, Malkytfp1 said:

Call it superstition, paranoia, worry whatever. Some people are simply no wanting to celebrate until it's mathematically impossible. Doesn't make them any less of a fan. This season means more than any other season ever in some people's eyes and it gets to them. Just let people have their own fucking opinion or coping mechanisms without saying they're no fans. That's fucking moronic.

There is a big difference between not celebrating too soon and coming on here every week calling our players shitebags and cunts.

Way over the top and it usually starts if we’re not 3 up after 10 mins.

Fucking disgraceful at times

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5 minutes ago, ritchieshearercaldow said:

Pretty sure it was outside the box but it could have been given, well done to the ref for getting it right.

Agreed it was outside , but Robertson being a fenian bastard he could easily have given it

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