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***** The Official Rangers vs Kilmarnock Match Thread *****

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Any win will do as long as we win.

Where do these absolute throbbers come from on match day? Should have a yellow and red card system for match threads they're fucking cancer with all the fannys that come out the woodwork. We

We dominated the game from start to finish and Kilmarnock never even had a shot on target.  It was far better than last weekend.

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13 minutes ago, Malkytfp1 said:

Don't know about that.. I've been standing up for Kent for weeks. That's a different scenario all together. I don't agree with people calling any of our players shitebags. My point is it's ok for posters not to celebrate the league yet until mathematically impossible. We are much closer now and I am more confident but will still hold off celebrating just cause I'm superstitious. I go to every old firm with the same socks on. When I watch games in the house I have to sit in a different chair. Stupid as fuck but doesn't mean I'm less of a Rangers man ffs.

I get where your coming from. 😄😄

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3 minutes ago, Inigo said:

The shitebag patter is ludicrous. The boy us a hard worker and us always trying to get on the ball. He struggles to do much sometimes, but that's his capabilities failing him, not shitebaggery. Shitebag accusations are usually based on fuck all.

Tends to be the drama queens or those shitting their pants who say it too.

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1 minute ago, esquire8 said:

Still haven't changed my mind about Aribo and Kent. Borderline useless again from both.

Tav being able to deliver a cross beyond the first man is a myth now.

Tav is suffering from the morelos post new year collapse, defensively bar last weeks posted missing for hamiltpns goal he's been much better but going forward teams have our fullback play sussed, notice how they dont close them down as much, instead they let them cross it but pack the box instead

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5 minutes ago, RDB14 said:

Jack, Arfield, Morelos and Roofe all coming back in at the right time as we make a final push for the league title and to go deep in the Europa.

Is Roofe's 2nd missed game domestic against Dundee, or does Europa count and out Thursday?

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13 minutes ago, Drumloyal said:

Nah, I like him.  He didn't score today but a lot of his play was good imo. Hagi is as quick as a milk float but can still affect a game. 

Itten has a good touch and holds it up well, he does need to improve his situational awareness but that's to be expected when he's only had a few appearances off the bench. 


I hope your right mate but I know a striker when I see one.

I thought Hateley and McCoist were pish as well when I first seen them.😃😃

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13 minutes ago, Jimbeamjunior said:

Thats not my point, hagi has produced more over less game time this season, kent is failing to deliver once again (and no i dont blame him for aribos miss) 

Look at how gerrard plays the centre halves and the centre mids, poor game and they are dropped, fair enough that's his way of asking for better, yet doesnt use the same mandate for the attackers

With arfield back, next week he has no excuses for playing aribo and kent from the start, give them time off, give someone else a shot, they cant offer less than what they two have offered in the last few games 

You're blindsided when Kent does fine like today. Again you're talking up Hagi and saying Aribo and Kent should be dropped.

Bottom line is Kent got passmarks today, Hagi was very very average, Aribo rank. 

There's an argument Kent should have been dropped before today but its ridiculous to suggest he should be dropped before Hagi or Aribo after their performances today.

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3 minutes ago, Mafeking St. said:

Soon we will be CHAMPIONS. Davis was my MOTM and Joe Aribo 2nd MOTM.

Arfield is back and so is Alfie.

And, the little Finyans are crushed again.


Fucking hell. 

Suppose it just goes to show how differently folk see the game 😄

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