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Guardian McCoist interview.

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33 minutes ago, stevemac said:

I'm not sure he is necessarily a bad pundit, I think he is pretty good, and RE being softer towards them, again I'm not so sure - I think he is just trying to be more balanced and neutral, which you have to be as a pundit. Aye, its fantastic having Boydy getting sly digs in at their expense but realistically to succeed you need to be more balanced. If we are playing shite, say it like it is, likewise with them. I certainly prefer him to Crocker and Walker, even if it is in say an Old Firm or something

Morales. Couldn’t get Alfie’s name right for 2 years. FFS! 

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I enjoyed the article fwiw. He was my hero growing up and while he wasn't the best of managers he had a lot of shit to deal with that no manager should have to deal with. He'll always be a hero to me

You will never hear me say a bad word about McCoist even if he was a shite manager. He bleeds blue and such a likeable soul.

My first Rangers hero. Have luckily met him on two occasions, had a brief drink with him on one, and he is just a brilliant guy to be around who takes a genuine interest in fans.  

As a manager - shite

As a pundit - decent

As a player - absolute fucking legend 

Mind doing his celebration at school the one where he pretends he's a robot, total goal machine and a great character, quite pleased we can all look back fondly on Ally's connection with the club nobody could ever stay mad at him for very long.

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