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Scottish football clubs urged to apologise for historical child sex abuse

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Prick with his wishy washy bs and scared to name the club with convictions where pedophilia was endemic 

Scottish football clubs urged to apologise for historical child sex abuse

By Chris McLaughlin
BBC Scotland sports news correspondent pedo enabler 

The SFA ordered the review after allegations of historical child sex abuse in Scottish football

Scottish football clubs should issue an unequivocal public apology to those who have been affected by historical child sex abuse, a report has found.

It heard personal accounts from 33 people stretching back to the 1970s.

In the majority of cases, the Scottish FA-commissioned review found no-one in the game had concrete evidence of abuse at the time.

But it said there were varying levels of suspicion that could have been acted on.

The harrowing sex abuse allegations in the report concerned team officials, scouts and coaches.

SFA chief executive Ian Maxwell said the content of the 191-page review had left him "deeply upset".

Senior clubs including Rangers, Hibernian, Motherwell and Partick Thistle were all named in the testimonies.

Celtic Boys Club also featured in often distressing personal accounts of sexual abuse.

A number of those accused in the report have now been convicted but others have since died.

The review also expresses dismay "that some young people may have been exposed to risk and abuse because adults did not do everything they could to ensure their protection and wellbeing despite reasonable cause for suspicion that abuse was possible."

And it revealed the team received accounts "with specific information concerning possible organised sexual abuse".

It confirmed these are now subject to criminal investigation in Scotland and are also reported to the English FA Independent Review.

The review was commissioned by the SFA following allegations of abuse in Scottish football and beyond and was led by former children's charity executive, Martin Henry.

His interim report, first published in 2018, said Scottish football's child protection protocols were not fit for purpose and that children in the game were still at risk.

That led to an apology from Mr Maxwell who described what happened in the past as "abhorrent".

'Traumatic experiences'

A total of 97 recommendations have been made, including calls for individual clubs to make apologies to those who were affected, in a bid to help them move on. 

The review also calls for Scottish football to do more to tackle homophobia in the game.

The SFA chief executive said: "I am deeply upset by the contents of the final report into sexual abuse in Scottish football and, in particular, by the deeply personal, traumatic experiences endured by young players who were abused by people in whom they and their families placed their trust. 

"I reiterate my sincerest apology on behalf of Scottish football to all who have experienced abuse in our national game."

Mr Maxwell believes great progress has been made in recent years and said 80% of the original recommendations are either completed or in progress. 

He concluded: "As the report also states, football provides a tremendous outlet for young people in Scotland and it is the responsibility of everyone involved in Scottish football to protect and cultivate that for future generations."


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Stopped reading when the first name mentioned is Rangers  Fenian bastard 

The dude has on a number of occasions stated he doesn’t want to talk or write about child abuse but at every opportunity jumps in to say aye but what about Rangers  I find this a bit strange tbh 

celtic (or boys club) - 6 convicted in court of law - 35 mentions Rangers - zero convictions - 25 mentions Hibs - knew a paedo existed but informed no one. Jim McCafferty worked for Hibs too. Co

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10 minutes ago, 6superbarry6 said:

Seen the headline in the record online also mentions us, what do we have to apologise for exactly? what wrong doing has our club ever committed, “journalists” once again avoid naming and shaming a certain club and are intent on making it a Scottish football issue instead. 

Several of the witness testimonies specifically detail abuse that took place at Rangers.

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Just now, 6superbarry6 said:

Hope the club are on top of this and file charges against these “journalists” when our club has never been found guilty of anything. 

Thats the biggest joke , the club are never on top of any of this shit , they will bend over and take it once again.........

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1 minute ago, graeme_4 said:

celtic (or boys club) - 6 convicted in court of law - 35 mentions

Rangers - zero convictions - 25 mentions

Hibs - knew a paedo existed but informed no one. Jim McCafferty worked for Hibs too. Convicted - 17 mentions

The BBC summary article is an utter disgrace to journalism. 

I don't disagree with your final sentence. However, in regards to the question I answered, that's what our club have to apologise for.

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