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Would Gerrard leave us if Klopp left Liverpool?

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I think Klopp will be given time and next season at least to right this seasons wrongs just like Pep with Man City after last season . like Pep he has done enough previously to afford one bad season. 

I think gerrard will have learned Loads from his time at Ibrox whenever he does head to Anfield. You watch Gerrards interviews about his playing days and he Regularly admits that as a club Liverpool never had the mentality to believe they were better or deserved to be ahead of Man Utd and latterly Man City Even when they had teams more than capable of competing for the title . Compared to when he came here and probably at our lowest ebb everyone at the club Still left him in no doubts where we truly belonged . That attitude is what I believe he will try and take away from his time at Ibrox and Instill at anfield  . Hopefully after title 57 or 58. 

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Don’t see why Liverpool would go for Gerrard at this moment in time if Klopp did leave. They could have any manager in the world at the moment tbh.

Probably sooner than he would want, but if they came calling I don't think he could or would turn them down. He'll leave a hero on my eyes whenever he does go.

With blue tinted glasses I'd like to think he would stay but the reality is whenever Liverpool come calling he will be off.  And with all our best wishes.  So let's just enjoy this whilst it lasts.  

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2 hours ago, ForeverAndEver said:

He only chose Liverpool because they beat Everton in the cup final, he's not even that big a Liverpool fan so we'll be fine regardless...

I only just discovered Passenger supports Arsenal coz they won the cup against Wednesday in 93.

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Our manager will stay for next season and after we win that season - he will have 2 league titles under his belt, a few cup winner titles and who knows- a brilliant run in the Champions league.

Not mentioning how far we will get in the Europe league.

Then he may make the move to Liverpool- and if he does, he will make sure his ties with Rangers will never be broking and he will help us out with potential and talented players.

His blood is blue now and Rangers will always stay close to his heart - lets just enjoy him, while we have him.

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10 hours ago, Malkytfp1 said:

Awww Naw. Another ITK poster. Pals wae Ian Rush and is called Barry ( only Scouse name I could think of)





I’ve never understood why people are so desperate to be in the know regarding their football team.

Also why do people believe any rumours in what’s app chats?

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9 hours ago, wewillfollowrangers said:

Fantastic listen, the Souness one is brilliant as well, rips the beardy cunt to shreds when he asks about SG moving on to bigger and better things, told him, you dont get bigger and better than Rangers.

Lol Souness is a fucking hypocrite on that one.

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12 hours ago, doc holliday said:

SG Is talking up Mick Beale and rightly so.

Delighted when i heard SG was bringing MIck with him to Rangers.


No chance of SG going to liverpool for a few years yet.


I remember Souness saying that Sir Walter was his best signing. Think the same will be said about Michael Beale. 

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I would like to think Stevie would show a bit of loyalty and stay for our CL campaign but so long as we win the title this season - which I'm sure we will - then he would leave with my best wishes if he were to move onto Liverpool to replace Klopp.

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3 hours ago, McEwan's Lager said:

Lol Souness is a fucking hypocrite on that one.

He did an interview that was no different to Naismith and Whittaker at the time he's lauded by younger supporters who do not know better.


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