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***** The Official Royal Antwerp v Rangers Match Thread *****

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6 minutes ago, Jamie0202 said:

Liked your post but what 10 day rule applies there? Nobody has tested positive. Rules change on a daily basis so might have missed something.

You're getting into the Duffy territory here where the rules just get made up apparently..

Patterson broke his bubble, he was around people he shouldn't have been so while it won't be a NHS mandatory 10 day isolation, I'm guessing we'll have him isolating to ensure the integrity of the squad bubble.

That being said, even if he wasn't, there's not a chance in hell he'd be near the team. I honestly think Gerrard would rather have anybody in the squad at RB instead of recalling Patterson right now.

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2 minutes ago, mitre_mouldmaster said:

Think we could sign a guy who is currently not attached to a club, but not 100% sure and I doubt there are many decent right backs out there without a club.

Wonder if Alan Hutton is fit enough and fancies it? 😅

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10 minutes ago, docspiderman said:

Yes, obviously not ready to be a professional footballer.He must surely have thought that because of the stage of the season he would get a start through injury or suspension situations so why jeopardise the chance.

Exactly. Take no pleasure in slating him but FFS he or any of the other 4 could have royally fucked our season. That's not being overly dramatic. It really could have fucked us big style. 

As it happens.......it's coming home :crywank:

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